Vauxhall Insignia fitted with Bosch EDC17 C19 diesel injection system doesn't make life easy for engine ecu modifications. The latest Tricore processor technology fitted into the Vauxhall Insignia ECU makes it tricky. Fully protected by TPROT system which makes impossible to perform any software modifications through 16-pin connector. The only known way is direct connection to the ECU. Being fully trained and experienced company using the best electronic tools available on the market we are able to remap engine ecu and remove dpf filter. We can guarantee no more problems with dpf in the future.

  • Vauxhall Insignia 2.0 CDTI 130 PS - DPF filter removal

  • Vauxhall Insignia 2.0 CDTI 160 PS - DPF filter removal

Vauxhall Insignia DPF diesel Particulate Filter situated just after exhaust manifold to get to the working temperature much quicker. The optimal working temperature for DPF filter in Insignia is 500-650 degrees. That's why mounted as close to the engine dpf filter to obtain the high temperature and work more efficiency quicker.

Vauxhall Insignia Dpf Filter indicates problems with few factors

  • poor fuel condition
  • driving in short distances
  • sticky egr valve
  • poor servicing
  • air mass meter under reading
  • piston rings passing the oil fumes

All of this is helping block the dpf filter and follow us to the dealer service to have dpf filter replaced.

Why diesel particulate filters are fitted to modern cars if they bringing so much troubles?

Car manufacturers had to equip modern diesel engine cars with DPF diesel particulate filter to meet EURO 5 and EURO 6 emission criteria. This solution doesn't make our live with modern diesels easy. Very often dpf filter regeneration to avoid filter blockage are causing poor fuel consumption. In the worst scenarios - expensive dpf filter replacement.

Vauxhall Insignia DPF removal Vauxhall Insignia Diesel Particulate Filter problem

How do I know my Insignia Diesel Particulate Filter is in trouble?

Any problem in dpf system will bring dpf light on the dash.
Raised engine revs on idle up to 1100 rpm, some kind of misfiring - rich running these symptoms you would notice when your dpf is in regeneration mode. Be aware : DPF warning light on which stays for longer period of time could be very dangerous - It could bring dpf filter to complete blockage.

DPF cleaning agents - new cure for your problems?!

Are you thinking of some magical DPF cleaning solutions? Little bottles which you should add into the fuel tank? BE CAREFUL this solutions could completely damage the exhaust system. The amount of the additive is unmonitored and uncontrolled by the engine ecu. We have seen few examples where uncontrolled dpf regeneration caused melting the dpf casing.

Complete Vauxhall Insignia dpf removal process

Here with us you will get the best complete dpf removal service. We care about your car. Before removing DPF filter our technicians undertake full diagnostic service : check parameters from all electronic sensors, what is happening in the engine, and what mixture is being made by the ecu same time making sure that everything else is working correctly. Next stage is physical removement of Diesel Particulate Filter – leaving dpf box in place followed by engine ecu remap eliminating dpf options from the software.

Vauxhall Insignia DPF removal benefits:

  • no more problems with dpf filter
  • no more dpf regeneration
  • better fuel consumption
  • more power and torqu

Intermittent fault - case study

Customer contacted regarding his Vauxhall Insignia 160ps. He was getting dpf light on the dash every so often, car was under powered and fuel consumption went up. Booked the car in for diagnostics check and yes we confirmed Diesel Particulate Filter is in trouble. Advised customer dpf removal option and engine ecu remap. We completed the job and car comes back to the normal - no more dpf problems. Car got back on track!

Not sure is your car have got dpf problem? Just contact us and speak to fully trained technician.
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