Mazda 5 and 6 series factory fitted with denso diesel injection system. Mazda it is quite popular car on UK's roads. Diesel particulate filter problems starting from 40k on the clock - depend from the driving conditions. The DPF system fitted to the mazda is bringing a lot of the problems to owner of the car. Expensive dealer visits - dpf regeneration which cost about 180 GBP.

DPF obstruction is automatically bringing the dpf regeneration process as soon as the engine will reach 90 degrees. And here the problem starts. Extra fuel added in the exhaust fuel stroke. This is done to raise the temperature in dpf and make regeneration possible. Theory - ok, DPF diesel particulate filter will raise his temperature to make possible regeneration but there is also few issues going along with this.

First one what you will notice straight away - white smoke from your exhauts - dpf regeneration> - it is quite normal - if you will let the car finish dpf regeneration. Which could take up to 1 hour - depend from dpf obstruction.

Second one - most dangerous - engine oil level raising. Whilst dpf filter regeneration unburned fuel will pass teh piston rings and it will start mixing with engine oil. We know how important  is right oil in your modern diesel engine. So can you imagine one liter of diesel in you oil sump? Would it help? The answer is OF COURSE NOT.

Clean oil is used to lubricate the engine and turbocharger. Mixing engine oil with unburned fuel could cause turbocharger failure and major mechanical engine failure.

Third one would poor fuel economy - due to often dpf filter regeneration ECU will inject extra fuel in exhaust stroke to regenerate diesel particulate filter.

So are you having flashing dpf light on? White smoke coming out of your exhaust pipe? Maybe your car was diagnosed and it brought fault code P2002 - Diesel particulate filter efficiency less than threshold or other fault codes related to particulate filter? It is the time to think about it. Clearing the fault code - doesn't fix the problem . It will only clear the information from the engine ecu flash memory. But the problem still exist.

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