Lexus DPF problem? Engine management and VSC light on? Most of Lexus IS220 owners will face this problem. What is the solution? New DPF filter? Maybe DPF regeneration? DPF cleaning? Most of our customers have been there already... Some of them had: new DPF fitted, new EGR valve fitted, set of injectors, diesel pressure sensor, diesel temperature sensor, ECU software updated ... list goes and goes... But the problem will come back sooner than later. That’s why we come up with the solution for complete Diesel Particulate Filter removal on Lexus IS220.

Lexus made only one diesel model - Lexus IS 220. Engine in the IS220 uses latest injection and exhaust technologies to provide impressive power, low emissions and very smooth, “Japanese” style run. IS220 is very impressive model looking at the technical statistics :

  • Lexus IS220 2.2 diesel performance
  • Advanced diesel power 130kW/177 DIN hp
  • Acceleration 0-62 mph-8.9 seconds
  • Max speed 135 mph (220km/h)
  • Combined fuel consumption 46.3 mpg (6.1 l/100km)

Diesel common rail engine employing DENSO management technology. Piezo injectors fitted to this engine can deliver larger and more precision volumes of fuel. This increase power and torque along with reducing diesel noise. Denso common rail diesel injection system fitted with DPF DPNR Diesel Particulate Nox Reduction and EGR Exhaust Gas Recirculation system.

DENSO diesel injection system is a good fuel system but very sensitive. Poor fuel quality, city driving conditions, EGR problems - all of this could affect DPF PROBLEMS

Why diesel particulate filters are fitted to modern cars if they bringing so much troubles?

Car manufacturers had to equip modern diesel engine cars with DPF diesel particulate filter to meet EURO 5 and EURO 6 emission criteria. This solution doesn't make our live with modern diesels easy. Very often dpf filter regeneration to avoid filter blockage are causing poor fuel consumption. In the worst scenarios - expensive dpf filter replacement.

Diesel particulate filter DPNR is designed to catch bits of soot in the exhausts...but why filter is getting blocked?

DPF DPNR filter in Lexus IS220 is getting blocked due to town based driving, poor fuel quality... Big problem on D4D engine is EGR valve which is blocking so easy, causing engine working using incorrect mixture what only increases DPF filter related problems... First symptom could be Diesel Particulate Filter blockage indication - engine management light and VSC light on. The ECU engine control unit is not getting correct pressure reading from the filter (too high) and is asking for condition to perform DPF filter regeneration. Failing to do this is causing complete DPF obstruction which will bring complete lack of power, bad fuel consumption, engine management lights on the dash.

Most common Lexus IS220 DPF blockage symptoms:

  • poor fuel economy - good, healthy system should make around 45 mpg easily
  • white smoke during acceleration - mostly caused by DPF obstruction. After engine temperature is raised up to 90C engine ECU is trying to burn the soot out of the filter to prevent complete blockage which could cause car to stop or engine failure. On the motorways most of the time smoke is invisible
  • Engine management light on
  • stored code in the engine ECU P2002 - related to DPF filter pressure and temperature

What is a Lexus IS220 DPF regeneration process?

Every DPF filter on Lexus is getting blocked by soot particles and every filter needs to be changed or emptied - this process is called DPF regeneration. There is two types of regeneration:

  • passive DPF filter regeneration - Lexus DPF passive regeneration will take place automatically driving under certain circumstances – for instance : on motorway runs when DPF filter temperature will get high enough to burn the soot out
  • active DPF filter regeneration - Lexus DPF active regeneration is mostly done using diagnostic equipment

Perform the DPF regeneration or not to?

If you have blocked DPF filter on your Lexus IS220 - fault code P2002 and you are considering DPF regeneration in Lexus centre or other specialised garage – please bear in mind this is only a temporary fix. Diesel Particulate filter will get blocked again sooner than you expect.

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DPF cleaning on your Lexus?

There is few treatments available on the market for cleaning DPF filter most of the time don’t really work as you would wish. Another temporary fix...

Guaranteed Lexus IS220 DPF removal benefits:

Our company trying to meet customers expectations went one step further and we made the solution for complete DPF removal on Lexus IS220. The effect will be noticeable straight away :

  • No more dreaded engine management light on
  • no more vsc light on
  • No more dpf light on
  • No more weird white smoke and bad fuel economy
  • Better engine power and torque

Just forget about Diesel Particulate Filter problems. Let us perform complete DPF removal process on your Lexus IS220.

We can remove your DPF filter, clean EGR valve and intake system and flush fuel system including fuel high pressure pump, fuel lines and injectors using special dedicated equipment without removing these parts from the engine. After removing diesel particulate filter from your lovely Lexus IS220 you can enjoy clean drive and very good fuel consumption.

We are able completely the DPF delete process without any future problems. To get complete flavour of driving Lexus we offer to our customers BG service - EGR and intake cleaning plus fuel system treatment. This complete process will make your car driving better than it ever was- this is real a comment from our customers.

Ongoing problem but only one solution - case study

This customer found our company on the web. He had a well known for us Lexus DPF problem. Previous repairers fitted set of new injectors, new EGR valve, physically removed Diesel Particulate Filter out of his 2.2 Lexus Is220. When he found our testimonials about DPF removal jobs that we completed in the past he contacted us straight away. Described the problem : lack of power, engine management light on, VSC light on, a lot of white fumes from the exhaust when the engine gets worm, car juddering under acceleration. Symptoms were obvious for us - Lexus IS220 DPF Diesel Particulate Filter is in trouble and need to be removed. Our unlucky customer told me his story. His car was off-road for 5 months and he presented me a bills for just under £3.5k from a different garages that were trying to fix the problem without the luck. After conversation with me he was sure we can face the problem and get it fixed and this is what exactly happened: After performing DPF removal process on his IS220 all lights gone power come back but there was still problem with the acceleration on the 6th gear...Because ECU was driving with this fault for so long it learned bad values and bad behaviour. But after completing few road tests with diagnostics equipment all been sorted and car was back in factory settings but without DPF...problem permanently removed

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