PSA group Peugeot and Citroen they introduced their Particulate filter systems quite early . In early 2002 you could have 307 fitted with fuel additive system. The system called wet dpf system is being use till today . With modifications to meet euro 5 and euro 6 criteria.

Basically system had a separate fuel additive tank beside the fuel tank where they stored EOLYS - special fuel additive. This special treatment is being injected into the fuel tank. EOLYS working principle is to lower down the regeneration process - burn accumulated soot inside the diesel particulate filter in lower temperature.

PSA vehicles fitted with diesel particulate filter DPF they bring a lots of troubles as well. Running out of additive fluid. Faulty dpf temperature and pressure sensors they cause diesel particle filters blockage.

Quite often after refiling the additive tank, fault with the dpf still persist. Changing sensors and dpf filter on its own might not cure the problem -  problem still present but money spend. Completely lack of power, engine management light on, antipollution info on the display. These are most common symptoms of dpf failure on the Peugeot or Citroen car.

Dealers trying avoid fixing the dpf issues on the warranty period they decided to bring the dpf replacement into the service schedule.

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