Having problems with your dpf diesel particulate filter on your Honda Accord? Have you been priced up big money for dpf filter replacement? Dpf regeneration helps only for few days?

Dpf diesel particulate filter is fitted into the modern diesel engines to meet euro 5 and euro 6 criteria. Filter is mounted just after the exhaust manifold. Like most of moderns diesels Honda have got problems with their dpf filters as well.

We can offer complete service perform by fully train technicians, including:

Honda Accord DPF removal

  • 2.2 I-DTEC EDC17 CP06

Honda Accord DPF removal

  • 2.2 I-DTEC EDC17 CP16

What usually generates Honda DPF filter obstruction:

  • Short distances driving cycles
  • lack of dpf working in operating temperature
  • poor servicing schedules
  • sticky egr valve
  • mass air flow meter under-performing
  • bad fuel quality
  • engine sensors not working correctly

Why diesel particulate filters are fitted to modern cars if they bringing so much troubles?

Car manufacturers had to equip modern diesel engine cars with DPF diesel particulate filter to meet EURO 5 and EURO 6 emission criteria. This solution doesn't make our live with modern diesels easy. Very often dpf filter regeneration to avoid filter blockage are causing poor fuel consumption. In the worst scenarios - expensive dpf filter replacement.

Honda accord dpf removal taunton Honda Diesel Particulate Fiter removal taunton honda accord 2.2 i-dtec dpf filter problems

This Honda Accord EDC17 CP06 or Honda Accord EDC17 CP16 very clever system so any unexpected information from the dpf pressure sensor - to high exhaust pressure will bring the info on the display followed by power loss to prevent engine from the major failure.

Honda Accord Diesel Particulate Filter regeneration?

DPF filter regeneration is only temporary fix, it might only work for short period of time but the problem will come back. Any dpf cleaners or regeneration additives? That kind of "magic solutions" could bring higher temperature in the dpf, temperature is not controlled by ECU and it might rise too high causing other major damages.

Diesel Particulate Filter removal - Honda Accord - DPF delete:

What we can offer in this situation - complete dpf removal service. This means we will bring the car to the factory settings without Diesel Particulate Filter. We can physically remove dpf filter from the exhaust system, leaving dpf filter box in place. After this we would remap ecu, making necessary changes in engine controller software. Our modification is made by professional engineers still giving full diagnostics abilities, no patching and blanking fault codes! If you are looking for more power, more torque and better fuel consumption we can also perform power or eco engine ecu remap.

Guaranteed benefits having dpf filter removed from Honda Accord :

  • no more dpf diesel particulate filter problems
  • better fuel consumption
  • no more unwanted dpf regeneration
  • no more expensive dpf replacements
  • more power and torque
  • no more wasted hours in the various garages

Honda accord dpf removal taunton Honda Accord DPF problems white smoke Diesel Particulate Fiter removal taunton honda accord 2.2 i-dtec dpf filter problems

After successful dpf removal you forget about dpf filter problems, dpf filter regeneration, poor fuel consumption. You will get peace of mind you car will no more go to the limp home mode, you will get better fuel consumption due to lack of wasted fuel in dpf regeneration mode.

DPF removal and emissions test - case study

Customer comes to us after 3 separated visits with local dealers which performed dpf filter regeneration but every time it last for few days and problem was coming back - no power at all, dpf info on the dash. We suggested dpf filter removal and engine ecu remap. Customer wasn't really sure what we are talking about but he done some research and get back to me next day booking his car in for dpf removal, his only concern was emissions test... The complete Diesel Particulate Filter removal process completed 100% success.
After 8 weeks he come back for full service with emissions test. Car went through test - with no problems!

If dpf filter is removed properly it doesn't affect exhaust emissions!
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