Toyota manufacturer decide fit into their cars DENSO diesel injection system equipped with DPNR commonly known as a Toyota DPF diesel particulate filter. Which didn't make it easy to disable Diesel Particulate system from the car. But due to a lot of problems with dpf filters as engine management light on , dpf in regeneration mode, diesel white smoke, no power , poor fuel consumption we come with the solution of dpf removal on these DENSO systems.

Toyota diesel D-4D technology

D-4D means Direct injection 4 stroke, Common Rail Diesel fitted to Toyota cars. D-4D Common rail system was developed to provide higher engine power and torque, better fuel economy, lower exhaust emissions and lower diesel engine noise and vibration. D4D Denso Common Rail system fitted with DPNR Diesel Particulate NOx Reduction system with 5th injector situated in the exhaust manifold. Our Toyota dpf diesel particulate filter removal covering:

Toyota Auris diesel D4d DPF removal:

  • 1.4 D-4D
  • 2.0 D-4D

Toyota Avensis diesel D4D DPF removal:

  • 2.0 D-4D
  • 2.2 D-4D

Toyota Corolla diesel D4D DPF removal:

  • 2.0 D-4D
  • 2.2 D-4D

Toyota RAV4 diesel D4D DPF removal:

  • 2.2 D-4D

Toyota Hilux diesel D4D DPF removal:

  • 2.5 D-4D
  • 3.0 D-4D

Toyota Hiace diesel D4D DPF removal:

  • 2.5 D-4D
  • 3.0 D-4D

Toyota Land Cruiser diesel D4D DPF removal:

  • 3.0 D-4D
  • 4.5 D-4D

Toyota Yaris diesel D4D DPF removal:

  • 1.4 D-4D

Toyota Urban Cruiser diesel DPF removal:

  • 1.4 D-4D

Why diesel particulate filters are fitted to modern cars if they bringing so much troubles?

Car manufacturers had to equip modern diesel engine cars with DPF diesel particulate filter to meet EURO 5 and EURO 6 emission criteria. This solution doesn't make our live with modern diesels easy. Very often dpf filter regeneration to avoid filter blockage are causing poor fuel consumption. In the worst scenarios - expensive dpf filter replacement.

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Why Diesel Particulate Filter (DPNR) is getting blocked so often?

Due to urban driving style DPNR commonly known as a Toyota DPF diesel particulate filter is getting blocked. There is no enough time to perform DPF regeneration in start - stop driving cycles. Toyota’s dpf system equipped with 5th injector in the manifold for quicker and better raising the temperature in the dpf filter. Even this maintenance free technology is still struggling to perform successful dpf filter regeneration.

  • Short distance driving
  • poor fuel quality
  • carbon build up in the inlet manifold
  • poor servicing

All of these factors they only help get Toyota DPF filter problems. Lack of successful DPF regeneration causing complete DPF filter blockage.

Most common symptoms indicating DPF filter problems :

  • Warning lights on the dash
  • lack of power
  • poor fuel consumption
  • white exhaust smoke

This symptoms should indicate you dpf filter is in trouble and need attention. Did you have your car diagnosed in your local garage or Toyota dealer? P2002 Particulate trap efficiency below threshold this is the most common fault code found in the ecu engine control unit.

DPF filter regeneration - short term solution

Are you thinking of cleaning your dpf filter? Performing active dpf regeneration by diagnostics tool? Dpf filter regeneration using diagnostics tool will cost you not necessary giving expecting long term results. Why not put this money towards complete DPF filter removal.

Guaranteed benefits having dpf filter removed from Toyota :

  • no more dpf diesel particulate filter problems
  • better fuel consumption
  • no more unwanted dpf regeneration
  • no more expensive dpf replacements
  • more power and torque
  • no more wasted hours in the various garages

If you are having DPF problem on your Avensis? DPF problem on your Rav4? DPF problem on your Auris or maybe on your Toyota which model is not stated here? Don't hesitate to contact us. Our company P&P Auto Services is specializing in car diagnostics and electronics. We can successfully delete Toyota DPF filter from your Avensis , Auris , Rav 4 or other Toyota models. We would remove the Diesel Particulate Filter from the exhaust leaving dpf box and sensors in place. To complete the Diesel Particulate Filter removal we would fit DPF filter emulator to work with ecu. Also using our fully professional diagnostics tools we would reprogram ecu to work with DPF emulator.

P and P Auto we can provide complete dpf removal service on your Toyota driven by Denso ecu. Are you struggling with your dpf and egr problems? We can eliminate DPF filter Diesel Particulate Filter form your car and provide you very unique service - service which include : fuel system flush , air intake and egr cleaning.

Important diagnostics methods - case study

Customer been recommended to our garage with his 2007 Toyota Avensis indicating Diesel Particulate Filter problem. Engine management light was on, VSC light was on, complete lack of power 40-50 mph – max speed, a lot of white exhaust smoke from exhaust. After our diagnose we established some facts: Previous garage already removed dpf filter leaving dpf box empty but being unable to sort out the engine management side - they send the customer to us. We connected DPF emulator and programme it to work together with ecu. Performed some essential settings in engine ecu and road test the car. Power was back, no more warning lights, no more white smoke. Just pure pleasure of driving D-4D ;)

Overseas clients - case study

Toyota Dyna 2008 3.0 Diesel - customer from New Zealand with DPF problems. Few garages had a go with this car - various parts replaced without success. Customer emailed us and we offered DPF emulator supplied with fitting instruction for his garage. After two weeks since 1st email we did get phone call with many thanks our solution fixed the problem...
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